Using Interims to bridge the resourcing gap

Having a flexible workforce that has the right skill set when you need them and can hit the ground running is where our Consulting and Contracting services can help.

Whether you need people for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a peak in your resourcing requirements, recruiting contractors and temporary staff can offer the perfect complement to your permanent workforce.

Impiric assists you in recruiting contractors and temporary staff to benefit your business by providing:

  • flexible and specialist capabilities at critical times
  • professionals with a high level of market responsiveness productivity from day one
  • high quality transferable skills
  • professionals that bring an entrepreneurial mind set and wide-breadth of experience
  • budget certainty – you know the costs and time frame from the outset

Contracting and Interim services are delivered through our unique networked approach to business, where we propose candidates for whom we can either vouch or has been recommended.